Telcred Provides a hosted software service for physical access control, designed and developed from the ground up to leverage the cloud, smartphones, and IP. We believe in reusing existing infrastructure and in open systems which make it easy to integrate with other systems without getting locked into a single vendor. The Telcred Solution is simple to install as well as administrate while providing state of the art mobile features and security. We offer our solutions to installers, end customers, and OEMs.

With IP-connected door controllers and cloud-based management software, the cost of installation only depends on the number of doors and not where they are located. The solution is appropriate for a local healthcare organization with 2 or 20 clinics, as it is for a medium-sized company with 5 or 50 branch offices around the world.

Telcred’s solution scales to very large installations, e.g. infrastructure companies with many remote sites. The door controllers keep working even if they are temporarily offline and the software can be easily integrated with workforce management systems or similar. Telcred also provides a feature for delegated access management which can be very useful in large installations with many different organizations requiring access to the facilities.



ISST is the exclusive distributor for the Telcred software in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Egypt.


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